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Monday, November 25, 2013



To answer any questions anyone might possibly have as to why I've not updated my blog in well over a week, it's because...

I was all out of crafting mojo.  I was frustrated.  I was, for lack of a better word, TIRED.  I know, I know, I should have put something up to keep the blog fresh, even if it was only pictures of my darling Boxer puppy, but I didn't even want to look at my blog.  Pitiful, right?  But that's all behind me now, and...


My favorite pink socks.

That's right, change is afoot.  And that's a good thing.  I felt I was in a rut.  I had no fresh ideas.  I had focused too much on others' needs and not enough on my own, and my crafting had suffered greatly.  I didn't even want to be in my sanctuary otherwise known as my craft room or look at any of my supplies.  And that was truly upsetting.

So change is afoot, and after taking several days' break I've decided to forge new paths and revisit some old ones.  I picked up my knitting that I'd neglected for the past two years since making my first card and made a luscious wool/angora neck warmer (gaiter) for this suddenly chilly season.  I'm pulling out the paints and crayons that have been languishing for months.  I've opened up my art journal and am trying my hand at new techniques.  And I'm putting the paper/card projects aside for the time being because there is more to my crafting than cards alone.

Yes, change is afoot.  And I hope you'll continue to keep me company as I forge new paths and get comfortable with some old ones.

As always, happy crafting.



Kristie Goulet said...

Thanks for posting this, Shea! Your creations have been missed, not only your card creations but your others as well. I love seeing your work no matter what it is. Love ya!!! Mwah!!

Heather said...

I like your pink socks!! Well...I too have been tired...and I think it is that time of year where we all may get a little caught up in being focused on other peoples needs!

I went to the antique store the other day...with my mother..and we were chatting about how I needed to get my paints back out...she feels I waste my time with paper...LOL.

Looking forward to your creations!!
I even looking MORE forward to meeting you in FEBRUARY!! We will have a blast!!

Right now I am in the middle of putting up my Christmas is leaning to the left..the other to the right....too many of them have half their lights out....and my one cat just can't seem to STOP climbing up into them...and they con't even have the cute little feathery bird ornaments on them yet...LOL

BTW...if you find yourself needing another can just post my comment as a POST....LOL...omg...guess I better stop by more often!!

Rose said...

looking forward to seeing all your making :) can't wait to see the socks you make!!!! did you make that quilt?? my mom tried to teach me to quilt but i just never got the hang of it.
have a great Thanksgiving my friend :)
i will be "unplugged" for most of this week so telling you now :)

Maureen Merritt said...

I love whatever you do Shea! I'm excited to see you toying with some of your other passions! You are a true artist and I will follow you down whatever crafty path you go. Bring it on :)

Have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving! xo

Kimberly Roberts said...

Shea, I absolutely love whatever you are creating, you are so talented, you do what makes your heart happy.

I just learned to knit a couple weeks ago and have been having fun with my newest obsession, YARN, OMG. Just doing a simple stitch, but boy this is fun. Throwing a bit of crochet in the mix as well, I haven't done this since high school.

Still playing with my copics here and there, love them!

I can't wait to see what pops up here on your bog in the coming days!

Happy Thanksgiving SISTAH!!


Shani Thomas said...

Can't wait to see your creations here! Sounds to me like you're just doing what all artists MUST do...grow, change, experiment. Happy Thanksgiving to you! And LOVE the pink socks!!! hihihihihihi

Colleen Dietrich said...

Love this post, Shea. You have such a way with words. :)

Change can be a very good thing, and I love how you displayed that in your clever photos. I thought, "Change is a pink sock?" I guess it's too early here on the East Coast...not enough coffee yet. Ha ha.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my friend, and enjoy the peace that you have been seeking. Hugs!

Heather North said...

Shea, I completely understand. This fall my focus has been on quilting. I had lost my mojo over the summer for cardmaking and I felt almost guilty spending my time on quilting instead of paper crafting until one day I realized that fabric was feeding my creative soul. I need to follow the creativity where it leads me even if that means setting aside or slowing down others.