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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tea for Two


This is just a quickie today to share my lovely Mother's Day gift from my darling daughter which was a lovely English tea at a local tea room yesterday.  

We had to walk a couple of blocks to get there from where we parked as it was in an older section of nearby Plano, and we passed the original Plano High School (now the administrative building for the Plano School District) which had a historical marker in front (which my sweet baby stopped to read).  We love old buildings like this.

The day was warm with a cool breeze, just perfect for English tea which was served in three courses: tiny sandwiches, breads (including scones, Devonshire cream and strawberry jam, of course) and dessert, all miniature bits of sweet and savory goodness.  Now here's the catch - of course one plans on eating every bite because after all, it's TEA for gosh sakes with little bites of this and that.  So HOW did those Victorian women manage to have such "snacks" and still fit into their corsets?  This, of course, including copious cups of different teas, one type for each course, all served in and on lovely mixed and matched floral china.

HOW, I ask you, as we struggled to poke in one last bite of dessert.  HOW did they consume these foods and still have those ridiculous 19" waists?  I'll bet there was some serious unzippage going on after their guests left.  I know there was in my car on the way home.

As it was, we couldn't quite finish and had to take a couple of tidbits home with us.  Just a couple.  We gave it all we got.  As we pulled in the driveway we got to giggling and had to take one more picture.  Happy Mother's Day to me!


Along with the good (above) I have to share the bad and the ugly.

Whaaa...who me??

What was left of my handmade Mother's Day card.  The bows were the binding.

She spent hours on this card.

It WAS beautiful.
I cried, my daughter laughed, and she took all the pieces home to resurrect it into another card which I will share on another day.

Happy weekend!


2amscrapper said...

what a fabulous day and such amazing pics!

I'm a Little Teapot said...

Looks like a fun time...and I agree with the corset questions!
Looks like your furry family member is into altered art. :)

Shani Thomas said...

Well...the photos of you and your daughter are lovely. She's a beautiful young woman, and it's obvious she takes after you. But, I am so, so sorry your dog ate your card. Really, I know that hurt.

Kristie Goulet said...

Great pictures of you and Katie! LOVE them!!! Sorry to hear about your card but I know it will be just as wonderful once Katie is done with it. Thanks for sharing!

Donna Ellis said...

LOL! Such is life (I would have laughed, too), but I'm sorry you don't have the whole keepsake, Shea. You are both so beautiful, and I love your smiles! thank you for sharing your wonderful day. hugs, de