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Friday, August 29, 2014

To do baby things or not...that is the question


In my last post I stated that I was trying my hand at embroidering various items, i.e. guest and kitchen towels, key fobs and baby things to name a few.  Well...I think I've decided that embroidering baby items is just not my cup of tea.  Maybe it's the tininess of the design area (is "tininess" a real word?  Maybe "tiny-ness?"), or maybe it's because I don't even know anyone having babies for whom to make the samples, or maybe...

No, it's because of the tinyness of the designs and how frustrating it was for me to hoop the onesies.  That's not to say I didn't do a few, because I did.  Four sets for a girl in my husband's office who will be going on maternity leave soon, to be exact.  Four different styles ranging from cutesy to artsy to cool to sweet.  They turned out well, I learned some things (how to hoop a tiny 3" square area for starters), but I also learned that not every kind of embroidery is going to be fun for me.

This was the cutesy set, a bib and a burp cloth made from a fingertip towel. Applique design from Embroidery Library.

An appliqued bunny and the baby's name
The "cool" set. Design from Urban Threads.

See that little butterfly?  It wasn't part of the main design.  On the bib it was just a decoration to match the one on the onesie.  I learned what the wrong needle can do to knits - it can tear a thread and start a run exactly like on a pair of nylon stockings.  The butterfly fixed it and actually made the design look cuter anyway.  Win win!

The artsy set.  The image is from Urban Threads.

I've recently discovered the Urban Threads website which is filled with all manner of fun embroidery designs including punk, gothic, artsy and more.  Not a lot of cutesy there, but there are plenty of other sites for that.

I had fun practicing different ways of personalizing these designs with different font and letter layouts.

The sweet set.  Design from Embroidery Library.

Embroidery Library was the first website I discovered back when I first started embroidering. They have many beautiful, fun, sweet and cutesy designs not to mention lots and lots of project tutorials and tips on the various aspects involved in this wonderful craft.  It truly is one-stop shopping and learning at Embroidery Library.

And there you have it - my foray into the world of embroidering for baby.  I won't add it to my business plan, but at least I can give new moms and moms-to-be a nice, personalized gift.  Thankfully I only bought a dozen of each item and not dozenS (which is my natural tendency).

Thanks for joining me today, and I wish you a lovely holiday weekend for the Americans out there and a lovely weekend in general for the rest!

Happy crafting!


Shani Thomas said...

Oh my! The mother is going to ADORE these, Shea. They may not have been easy, and maybe they weren't so fun to do, but you did a superb job on them. Bravo!!!

2amscrapper said...

beautiful work! you are so talented in so many different art forms!

Donna Ellis said...

How FUN, Shea! These will be treasured by the mom each time they are used, lovingly washed and folded, and she will be so proud to take Aubri out in them. You've done a beautiful job on each one. I know I'd like using them! LOL I'm glad you did not buy DOZENS either LOL hugs, de

Debbie T said...

OMG! These are gorgeous. Prettier than anything I've seen in any store. You are amazingly gifted. Love em.

Laine Kammeraad said...

Absolutely gorgeous Shea - you really are multi-talented. I have been itching to get my sewing machine out for quite some time. I did take it out for a couple of days and made a few things. It was like visiting a long lost friend. Really really pretty creations. I can't wait to see what you do next.

With smiles and hugs

Kristie Goulet said...

These are super cute, Shea! You are so talented. Are you still embroidering? Miss your posts and YOU, GF!!!!

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