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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cookie Day

Hello and good morning!  

Are you ready for Christmas?  I'm getting there.  Yesterday was Cookie Day at my house, and my DD came to help.  She's been after me for years to make my gingerbread cookies, but they are so time-consuming that I would only make them once every several years.  This year she offered to help (or maybe I pressed her into service).  I absolutely love the recipe - it's from a book by Rose Levy Beranbaum titled Rose's Christmas Cookies.  I make other cookies from that book such as the Spritz (every year), Sugar Cookies (every couple of years), and a few others.  For gingerbread cookies, there is no finer recipe in my opinion.

I prepared the dough the day before to give us a head start as we had to run out and do a little shopping first, plus it has to chill for at least two hours anyway.  Very simple to make the dough and place it in the refrigerator overnight.  We started the rolling, cutting and baking at 1:00 PM and the decorating around 3:30.  We were finished at 6:00.  I have to say it is so much more fun with a helper.

Ready for baking.

Visiting artist at work.

Closeup (This one's a snowflake).

We chose not to use additional candies such as dragees or cinnamon red hots as we neither care for the taste nor for the risk of breaking a tooth.  We used simple royal icing.  I told her that we would make a gingerbread cottage next year - it will be a first for us!

Thank you for joining me, and I wish you a happy Cookie Day with a loved one in your future, even if it means baking something as simple as the slice-and-bake kind you buy at the grocery store.

Happy crafting!!


Mum of 4 said...

Lovely cookies and what a fun day to do this with your daughter! We will be having a Cookie Day next week sometime. Looking forward to it. :)

Heather said...

Shea~ Your cookies look soooo delicious!! So glad that you were able to create these with your DD this year! I too love to do cookies...and you are right, they are so time consuming!! Yours turned out beautiful...well worth the work! I personally like the "just white" frosting with out the extras. I can appreciate not chipping a tooth!!
I will have to say...I LOVE LOVE your farm table! It is gorgeous!!

Heather North said...

How sweet to have a cookie day with your daughter. My mom and I used to do this every year when I was growing up. I still think of our times together every time I make gingerbread or sugar cookies. Wish mom and I lived closer so we could continue this sweet tradition. I just love reading about the special connection you have with your DD.