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Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring is here!


I know many parts of the U.S. find themselves still in winter's icy grip, but here in North Texas, spring has finally sprung.  Hooray, I think.  The south winds are at full speed and fierce heat is not far behind.  But for now, we are enjoying warmer temperatures, still-cool evenings, and flowers that have begun to bloom as well as trees that are finally leafing out.  Pretty late, I might add, thanks to the last winter blast a few weeks ago that demolished my blooming daffodils.  Spring in North Texas is always an adventure. 

The pansies, which normally bloom well through winter but didn't this year, are finally looking good.  Maybe it's because the local wild rabbits finally have other dining opportunities available to them.  Nothing is sadder than a bunch of flowerless stalks.

A rogue "redhead" among the bunch.  And she looks like she's saying, "Yeah, so WHAT."

This iris has a wonderful fragrance, but only if you get up close and personal.  Like, nose-in-the-flower personal.

These are more the color of whipping cream, though they look whiter than that.  Combine them with the yellow ones...

... and you have what I call "lemon pie pansies."  This year I seem to have much more meringue than filling.

And these are my meager offerings at the moment.  It was such a hard winter that plants that should be blooming right now aren't because of the late-season hard freeze we had a few weeks ago which nipped many that were in bud.  So I'll share more of my darlings as they start showing themselves, confident that winter is finally behind us.

In other news I thought I'd share a pictorial progress report on my Sweet Sugar Baby VI, affectionately known as "Sweetie."  She is going to the vet today for her annual checkup and I'm looking forward to seeing what she weighs.

At four months.  This chair in my office is now known as Sweetie's Chair.  Don't sit in it or she'll have to come and sit on you.  You think that's ok, she's little.

OK, maybe a little big for a lap dog at 8 or 9 months...

...but at 15 months and pushing 60 pounds, she is DEFINITELY not a lap dog.  But go ahead, sit in her chair.  See what happens.



Shani Thomas said...

Hihihiihihihi...oh you cracked me up with your dog's photos. Uh, yeah, I think 60 lbs is a bit much for a lap dog. The flower photos are gorgeous too. We have daffodils now but that's about it. Well, tulips too.

Donna Ellis said...

Hi, Shea! Sweet photos of your possessive puppy (assuming the PP word because of her chair issues - having trouble sharing is she?) LOL WONDERFUL garden photos - I'm jealous - we could not get pansies to grow this year - it was too warm. And the irises! They do not grow here in central Florida. I miss them - we had them in Southern California. Beautiful garden flowers - thank you for sharing them! hugs, de

Colleen Dietrich said...

Such beautiful flowers, Shea! I like the 'rogue redhead'. ;)

Wow, your puppy is SO big now!! Yes, definitely NOT a lapdog. :) She's a cutie!

Heather said...

First because...I am so jelly of your flowers blooming...pansies are one of my FAVORITE flowers!! I have a few that will pop up here and there. We have those sweet little bunnies that like to nibble on them The gazillon feet of snow has finally uncovered my flower beds which look a MESS...but that is okay...I can't wait to play! I love your Iris too...gorgeous!! Hopefully sometime soon my daffodils will start popping out of the ground...and the tulips...which never make it...well...they make it to DEER breakfast....every the time I see the buds...and think...OH...I better cover those...they are gone :0) Silly deer...

On another note...I was looking as your sweet little pooch...and thinking...what is she complaining is one BIG pooch....but how sweet...I like how she is hanging out of HER chair :0) I want to kiss her face
Thank you for sharing your flowers and giving me some hope that spring will actually be here soon :0)