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Friday, November 9, 2012

Bow Jewelry

Hello and good morning! 

Today is crafting day with my DD, so I won't be making a card.  Instead, I'll work on one of the projects that I keep on hand specifically for these days.  I am currently working on a decoupage tray, but I think I'll put that aside for now and play with beads and wires instead.  My DD is trying her hand at making jewelry, and I'm making what I call "bow jewelry," which are hatpins with beads and charms on them for adorning cards, usually stuck in bows.  They are incredibly fun to make and sooo easy. 

The littlest ones were my very first, made on the pearl-topped long pins you find in wedding sections of craft and sewing stores.  I colored some of the pearls with Copics and Sharpies.

The longer ones are 3" and are made on hat pins that I bought online along with the tip protectors, which make these a gift w/card as the recipient can remove them and use them as lapel pins.  Pretty cool, huh?

So that is what I'm going to do today - make a bunch of these and try to improve on what I've already done.  I received one order of beads and charms today and am expecting a second order tomorrow.  

I will be back to making cards tomorrow.  And maybe even using one of my pieces of "bow jewelry."  

Have a lovely Friday, and happy crafting!


Mum of 4 said...

These are so very pretty, Shea! Have a wonderful day with your daughter!!

Suzie's Card Den said...

Hello Shea, thanks so much for leaving me such lovely feedback on my blog. These are stunning pins, as you know I love making them too. I am now your newest follower and hope to see your pins on your cards.
Suzie xx

Kimie said...

Oh golly. I probably shouldn't have seen these. I think I need to make some with MM. These are just gorgeous! I am looking forward to seeing more of these on your cards. :) MWAH!!