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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Forced Down Time


Just a quick note to say that I will be computer-less for a couple of days (I hope just a couple) as this poor old gal is on her last desperate gasps (the computer, not me) and needs a good replacing.  So my darling son is coming over today to build me a brand new one.  Hooray.  He's a hardware kind of guy and I have to have a second person come in to transfer all the jillion and zillion files and programs over to the new one.  The software guy won't get started until late tomorrow and may even keep the new baby until Saturday.  Horrors.  How will I manage?

And I remember the days when I said "I don't need no stinkin' computer."

So until then, please enjoy my sweet little puppy in some of her latest antics.  Well, "little" is used loosely here.  She was weighed this morning and came in at just over 53 pounds.  And still growing.

Christening the new chair

She decided she needed to sit in my new knitting chair before I had the chance.  It was a consignment store purchase and seems to fit her nicely.  At least when she sits up.

Crafting companion

She likes to keep me company when I'm crafting.  Never mind that I need to figure out where to put my feet.  That's not her problem.

Mama's helper

I was folding the blanket which emulates "snow" under the Christmas tree, and she wanted to try it out.  I'm convinced she's part cat.

I will hopefully be back up to full speed by Saturday evening (fingers crossed!), so until then, I wish you a lovely rest of your week.

Happy crafting!


Rose said...

hope all goes well and quick with the new computer!!!
your "little" girl is so cute!!!

my boy Q thinks he is a dog, so they would get along great! lol

Heather North said...

You crack me up girl! You are so lucky to have a son that can work on your computer for you. I keep telling my boys they need to learn computer stuff in college so they can help their mom out. :)
Your crafting companion is so cute! My boxer thinks he's the size of a cat and part human too. How in the world did you get yours to sit up so straight in that chair? She looks like a proper lady. :)

Heather said...

Look at your cute pooch!! I LOVE your chair!!

I hate it when I have to transfer to a new computer...lucky my hubby can do all of tell him that is why I keep him around :0)

I hope all goes well!! Enjoy the down time....I agree...I thought at one time I didn't need a stinking computer either...and now my hubby will say...."Maybe I need to work on the internet today"...which translates to...I am shutting it down so you and your kiddos will do some!! We just laugh :0)


Kristie Goulet said...

Sure hope you are back in business soon, Shea!!! Miss you!! Great pictures of Sweetie!!! Mwah!!!