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Monday, June 23, 2014

Pins and Bling


Today's post is about one of my favorite crafts, that of making blingy stick pins.  Stick pins, also known as hat pins (though who wears them that way any more?), are a wonderful accessory with so many uses.  They can adorn cards, scrapbook pages, tags, altered art, hats, handbags, name it, a stick pin can probably embellish it.  Here are a few examples of past stick pins I have made and the cards they dressed up.  This one was from March 2013

I started making them a couple of years ago and use them from time to time on my own cards, but now my daughter and I have both decided to start adding them to our Etsy inventory so that others may share in the blingy goodness.

See how prettily they can dress up a card?  They add that little extra pizzazz and I think of them as "card jewelry.  This one was made in July 2013 and I've added a little charm to it.

This one was also made last March, only I didn't use a stick pin, I used one of my little handmade jeweled charms, the two of which I often make together.  

 So here are the ones I made this weekend.  I hope they find good homes.

 Pretty greens and teals.

Blues in the shades of varying ocean depths.

Can't go wrong with pink and light blue.

And some guardian angel charms for good measure.

Thanks for joining me today and I wish you a lovely week full of blingy, charmy goodness!

Happy crafting!

These pins and charms are all for sale in my Etsy shop, as are many more!

(The cards in the photos are for illustration purposes only and are not for sale.)


Shani Thomas said...

Beautiful pins, Shea!!! Love them!

Colleen Dietrich said...

You've created some beauties with these glamorous stick pins, Shea!

I really like the 'Paris' card. Must pin. :)

Donna Ellis said...

oh oh oh! Shea these are so gorgeous! for some reason, I have not pursued making these wonderful embellies, even tho the needed supplies are right here in my stash! Very pretty (and thank you for sharing). Now... on to your cards ... GORGEOUS, too! Love each one - so unique and pretty! I don't know which is my favorite because they are truly wonderful. hugs, de